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Welcome to St. Mina and St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church

Coptic New Year
Written by H.G. Bishop Youssef   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Blessed is God! In our time as well martyrs have come forth, and we have been made worthy to see people sacrificed for the Lord Christ, people who shed their holy blood to irrigate the entire Church. We have been made worthy to see people, advocates of piety, who are victorious, who are crowned......and we now have these crowned ones among us.
St John Chrysostom

Wishing everyone a blessed Coptic New Year!

The first day of the blessed month of Thoout marks the beginning of the Coptic New Year and is the day set aside to celebrate the Feast of El-Nayrouz. On this feast day we honor those who stood and confessed their faith in the Word of God with firmness and commitment and with the totality of their lives.

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Family Roster
Written by Website Admin   
Saturday, 30 July 2011

To all Adults:

Please take the time to fill out the Family Roster for your household for Church records.  Only registered users will be allowed to fill out the form.  If you are not a registered user, please register and add the information by going to Your Details page  and then click Edit and select Update Your Profile.

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