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Thursday, 16 August 2007
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Life of St. Mina
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St. Mina (15 Hatour) 

On the Fifteenth day of Hatour, Saint Mina was martyred. His father, Eudoxious, was a native of the city of Nakiyos and was its governor. Eudoxius' brother was envious of him and he brought charges against him before the Emperor, and the Emperor transferred him and appointed him governor over Africa. The people were pleased with him because he was merciful and God-fearing.

St. Mina
St. Mina
His mother Euphemia had no children. One day, she went to church on the festival of our Lady, the Virgin Saint Mary at Attribes, where she saw the children in the church wearing their beautiful clothes with their parents. She heaved a sigh and wept before the icon of Our Lady Saint Mary, entreating her to intercede for her before the Lord, in order that He would give them a son. A voice came from the icon saying, "Amen." Euphemia rejoiced in what she had heard and realised that the Lord had heard her prayers. When she returned to her home and told her husband about it, he replied, "May God's Will be done."

The Lord gave them a son and they called him Mina, according to the word that his mother heard. While he was growing up, his parents taught him to write and they reared him in a Christian manner. When he was eleven years of age, his father died at an old age; his mother also died three years later. Saint Mina devoted his life to fasting, praying and living a Christian life. Because of everyone's love for him and his father, they placed him in his father's position. In spite of that, he did not forsake his worshipping.

When Diocletian had reneged Christianity and issued his orders for the worship of idols, many were martyred for the Name of the Lord Christ. This saint left his position and went to the desert, where he stayed many days, worshipping God with all his heart.

One day, he saw the heavens open and the martyrs crowned with beautiful crowns. He heard a voice saying,"He who toils for the Name of the Lord Christ shall receive these crowns." He then returned to the city over which he was governor and confessed the Name of the Lord Christ. Knowing that he belonged to a noble family; they tried to dissuade him from his faith and promised him honour and precious gifts. When he did not change his mind, they threatened him and the governor ordered him to be tortured. When the governor failed to turn him away from his faith in the Lord Christ, he sent him to his brother so that he might influence him, but he also failed. Finally, he ordered his head to be cut off, his body to be cast in the fire and his ashes to be scattered in the wind.

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