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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Due to COVID-19 situation, church attendance will be limited to safely social distance. A registration form will be posted here on the website each week for the upcoming Sunday/Wednesday liturgies. The rules that need to be followed are outlined in the registration form. Once the spots are taken for a day, that day will no longer be available for registration.

Church Safety Guidelines

Please click here to review travel advisory put in place by governor of Ohio. People who are coming from states highlighted in yellow or have a positive testing rate of 15% or higher must quarantine for 14 days before coming to church. This includes countries overseas as well. We must do this out of respect for the Governor and the safety of the congregation. Please respect the rules and there will be no excuses for Sunday or Wednesday.

In order to protect yourself and others, you must wear your own protective mask at all times excluding while taking communion, use hand sanitizer. If anyone in your family has a temperature of 99.5 (degrees F) or higher your family must stay home.

ST. MINA & ST. ABANOUB cannot guarantee that all occupants entering its premise are free from Coronavirus (Covid-19). As such, anyone choosing to enter the church premise does so knowing all the risks. St. Mina & St. Abanoub will not be liable to anyone who chooses to enter its premise and later alleges to have contracted the Coronavirus through the church. If anyone knows they have the virus, has been in contact with anyone with the virus, or is not feeling well in any capacity, St. Mina & St. Abanoub is instructing you NOT to come to church. If anyone contracts the virus and has been to St. Mina & St. Abanoub within 14 days of attending the Liturgy, it is MANDATORY that you immediately contact the Priest so the appropriate steps can be taken to safeguard the congregation.

May God protect us all.

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 August 2020 )
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