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Baounah 13, 1740

Day: Month: Year (between 1980-2037)

About the Daily Readings for Coptic Church as published on this site.

The scripts for use with the Daily Readings for Coptic Church were written by me and/or adopted (and changed by me) from other freely available scripts.
It was originally written/adopted at the request of a webmaster of a Coptic Church in the USA
It was to be used in a Joomla environment and it was made into a tested and useable component for version 1.0.# and version 1.5.#
The schedules for the 'Daily Readings' were made available by Andy Awad, CPC, CIR, i2Consulting, LLC and being assumed un-licensed for any use.
These files were then used after making numerous changes.
The text of the Daily Readings for Daily Readings for Coptic Church and/or verses of the bible are now linked to a database with the books, chapters and verses of the bible. A version donated by a friend of above named Andy Awad. Changes were made by me for it being able to be used by these scripts.
The Coptic Calendar calculator used by the Synaxarium component of this script was written by me using PHP, with the help of outlines obtained from articles available on the web.
An endeavour was made to check that the files are being 100% XHTML compliant.
However, some might have slipped through.

No complete installation file was written by me, only the necessities for being able to install and use.

Please note, this component is not available for download.

However, on some occasions I have given some webmasters of a Coptic Church zip files of other scripts for use by the sites of their church.
Some of these sites have been amalgamated into other sites of the Coptic Church. Some of these web-sites have since sort of disappeared from the web.
It is anticipated that Daily Readings for Coptic Church will be made available under the same conditions at a later date

Leaving this acknowledge page to be accessable for visitors would be an honourable thing to do as it acknowledges the efforts of the people involved in producing the scripts etc.
changes to the text could be made but it would be appreciated to leave the intentions of dhowing this page in tact.

If you wish to do so, contact me here.

The use of the Daily Readings for Coptic Church at this site is in no way indicative of my religious believes.

Chris Sengers

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